Milling is a highly efficient and very common method of processing steel surfaces. It’s performed at Światowy Mechaniczny Produkt on modern machines. We accept contracts for machining parts or creating new ones from various materials: different alloys of metal, polymers, plastic. All is performed in our production plant, in compliance with your drawings, be it hand-made or CAD. We’ll accept bulk or one-off contracts.

Our designers will prepare the whole process according to your drawings or samples, focusing on the most optimal and cost-effective technological way, communicating with you on every step of the way, to make sure it’s all going according to your plan, and will start the production of steel constructions.

Solid equipment and experienced personnel of Światowy Mechaniczny Produkt will let you complete your contracts on time and cost-effectively, with only one partner and no extra costs. Contact us and find out for yourself, we’re here to assist you.

In cooperation we also do milling in CNC technology.

Milling – the types of milling that we do:

  • Rolling – two surfaces are made
  • Oblique – the cutter makes an angle against the material from 0 to 90°
  • Full – three surfaces are made
  • Incomplete – two surfaces, worked from two sides
  • Free – one surface is made
  • Concurrent – the cutter moves together with the material

We use different types of machines:

  • Table – used with production of singular and bulk elements, high precision of 0,01 mm to 0,001 mm. Mechanical drive of main part
  • Carousel – main activity is milling outside or inside of an item on it’s full circuit. Often used while producing furniture, car body or bigger machine parts
  • Longitudinal – the table is moved back and forth
  • Light – simple construction compared to table machines, versatile and used for many applications

Call Światowy Mechaniczny Produkt. Our consultants are waiting for your call to assist you.