Steel construction assembly

Steel construction assembly

Steel construction assembly are becoming more popular because of the needs of the market. It’s the finishing line of each production cycle. These kind of constructions are highly resistant, rigid, light and resistant to corrosion. Thanks to using steel constructions you can lower the costs and the amount of time needed to build a wide array of structures.

With us, you can order an individual project, produce it, and then install it all in one place, with one consultant. Modern machines allow us to quickly construct any kind of complex structure.


  • Reasonable price – because we produce and design in the same place, our costs are lower. Price is always calculated individually, taking into account the complexity and the size of the project.
  • Individual approach – we don’t just create standard projects, we transform your ideas into products, even if you don’t have any drawings. We’ll make them for you, in compliance with all the norms and standards.
  • High quality – thanks to our modern machines, our product not only looks good, but is also well done
  • Fast installation – it’s made by experienced specialists, reducing the time needed to assembly

To prevent corrosion from happening the materials are coated with special layers. These will make sure that your constructions stay oxidation-free for longer periods of time, if applied regularly and properly. Profiles are made according to norms and can easily withstand heavy loads, including high temperature, rain and corrosion. Our specialists are perfectly aware that human life could depend on the quality of assembly, that’s why we pay extra attention to details, but the attention starts right in the office – where we calculate the loads of the material, run simulations to ensure it can withstand your regulations. Only when we’re finished with the latter, we proceed to producing, monitoring it and making sure it’s the same as we agreed on. 

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