Steel constructions production

Steel constructions production

Steel constructions production it’s our most important activity. Thanks to our technical and specialist knowledge we can work with all the popular materials: steel, stainless steel and aluminium. The production capacitiy is easily enough to perform a full amount of construction operations, no matter how complex it is.

We machine, weld, finish and assembly the product, be it your material, or our material.

The operations our specialists perform are:

Steel constructions are perfect for production halls or other structures, thanks to:

  • Simplicity of disassembling and transporting, should you change your mind and decide to relocate
  • It’s light and resistant
  • All the operations connected with assembly and disassembly are possible without the use of heavy duty equipment and with the minimal amount of workforce

Steel halls:

We can design and produce big constructions, such as a warehouse or a hall:

Sandwich panels:

  • Simple assembly process, meaning simple tools required, meaning lower costs
  • The amount of time required to build is much shorter than in standard, stone constructions, thanks to the panels, which are present in numerous, normalized dimensions
  • The panel itself is a steel sheet with an isolation filling, called a core, covered with zinc from both sides, coated with other layers of protection as well
  • The core is usually made of rock wool or Styrofoam, if there are higher sanitary requirements, stainless steel is used, which is more resistant to grinding and chemicals, which helps with cleaning

Steel profiles:

  • Non-standard profiles
  • Useful when there are high requirements concerning precisions, the difference between hot-rolled and cold-bent profiles allows to adjust your material according to the load
  • Often used with gate or fence constructions

Steel and sandwich panel halls’ resistance to weather often makes the final decision about building one. An important thing to note is also that such kind of a construction can be expanded easily. It’s also a solid choice for buildings in a seismic area, as this material is less susceptible to vibrations, and gusts of wind as well.

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