Construction design

Construction design

We perform a full construction design, starting with an initial discussion about your technical proposal, and finishing with assembly of the construction.

Światowy Mechaniczny Produkt changes your ideas into real products. Our team connects creativity with technical experience.

Our designers learn, search for new resolutions and introduce them into a product. We also modify existing products or processes, increasing efficiency and productivity. We work on almost all industrial machines, from single ones to whole production lines.

Our team doesn’t aim to make something functional and safe: we also ensure that the final product is cost-effective and efficient.

The typical process of construction design is:

  • Review of the documentation and the initial project
  • Meeting and discussing possible solutions for the project
  • Evaluation and research on whether the design is efficient and cost-effective
  • Estimating the utility, environment effect and the safety of the project
  • Using CAD and CAE software to create a prototype of the project
  • Collection and analysis of the tests ran on the prototype
  • Modification of existing solutions and testing
  • Running a thorough progress documentation and communicating with you and the managing team of the project

With the assistance of drawings the communication is even more transparent. Based on the initial sketches we can discuss the details of the production, choose the proper materials, estimate the costs and establish the type of finish. Our designers’ experience allows us to make a project that will fully satisfy our customer, that is you. We work on AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor. We also perform the necessary calculations concerning weight and durability of the construct. If you wish, we can prepare a complete set of technical documentation in electronic form. Working on handmade drawings is also possible, as long as they contain the required dimensions, tolerances and the type of material, along with it’s thickness.

When designing is complete, accepted by you, we begin producing. All documentation regarding the ordered material, certificates are available for you to view. Pictures, work reports are also documented. Should there be any doubts in the process of production, or modifications, we introduce them on-the-fly. Thanks to our qualified staff we can modify and edit the project as you see fit. We work with all the popular materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium. We have enough workforce to make your project as complex or as simple as possible.

Our production process includes all the essential steps: mechanical machining, welding, anti-corrosion layering and assembly. We produce with both your and our material. It’s a complex, multi-step process, that’s why assembly and disassembly must follow the norms and construction rules. Our own production plant lets us run an elastic price policy and offer each and every client affordable conditions of cooperation.

By trusting us, you:

  • Get the best price for our service
  • Get a complete offer, including a wide array of machining (designing, lathing, grinding, milling, welding, assembly)
  • Suffer minimal losses of material during machining
  • Get a high speed of realization, both singly and in bulk
  • Get a warranty for our product

Call Światowy Mechaniczny Produkt today. Our consultants are waiting for your call to assist you.