Welding steel

Welding steel

One of the most important activities of Światowy Mechaniczny Produkt is welding steel. It’s the most effective way of permanently connecting materials. All welding operations and other assembly processes are performed by qualified workers using modern equipment.

Types of welding:

We use all the modern methods of electric welding:

MMA welding is the simplest type of welding, where the welding is done by melting coated electrodes, using alternating or direct current (AC/DC):

  • Welding in various conditions
  • No gas bottle required

TIG welding is medium in the price department, called argon-arc, allowing for very precise welding. A fire-resistant electrode made of tungsten is used, that has a very high melting temperature:

  • Accurate welding
  • Low-thickness welding
  • Good control over weld parameters

MIG/MAG welding is a commonly used type of welding, semi-automatic with protective or active gases.

  • High efficiency
  • Good quality of welds

Advantages of welding steel:

  • Possibility to make very big constructions
  • Reduction of elements’ mass – up to 50% compared to foundry products, up to 20% compared to rivets
  • Affordable cost of production, even for complicated elements – the importance of welding is very high with single elements
  • Huge possibilities of automatization
  • Equal resistance of welded pieces

What kind of materials we weld?

We weld materials like stainless steel, black steel, aluminium. The most common material with steel constructions is black steel. Welding black steel is the cheapest type of welding operation. With correct protective layer black steel constructions will serve you well for a long time. Aluminium has a lot of perks, it’s widely used even in construction of planes. It has one flaw though – it’s very hard to weld. That’s why welding aluminium and it’s alloys should be performed by experienced welders, such as Światowy Mechaniczny Produkt’s.

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