Lathing is a process of mechanical machining, focused on inside and outside surface of an item. Mainly it’s focused on round and roll-type details, cutting, threading, drilling. Machining is done on a lathe machine with the help of drills, knives and other cutting tools that cut the material into a preset value.

Main types of lathing:

  • Working an external and internal surface of cylindrical and conical detail
  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Deepening holes
  • Threading, external and internal

This type of work you can order us to do based on your drawings or samples. We let you participate in each part of production: from choosing the material, to storing and transporting it

We also lathe with CNC technology in cooperation:

CNC Lathing – how does it work?

  1. After checking if the machine is correctly mounted, put the desired item inside the jaws of the machine
  2. Adjust the parametres of speed and turning, write a proper program
  3. Machine starts working according to the program, the operator controls the dimension of finished parts and lets the machine continue

Types of CNC lathes that we use:

  1. Engine lathe – very versatile, can work on a wide array of speeds and turns. It’s also effective at machining different kinds of metal
  2. Revolver lathe – useful with non-standard item shapes, the head can mount different tools which can be used one after another
  3. Special lathe – usually used with heavy, big or precise parts, bulk or single, for example jewelry pieces, traction wheels

CNC vs manual lathing:

  1. CNC lathe will be way more efficient with mass production – it’s enough to program it once and let the machine work, supplying it with material
  2. Manual lathe falls behind with bulk production, because even the best operator can’t make each piece identical to the previous one.
  3. Manual lathing is cheaper, but takes more time. But at the same time with single pieces it’s faster, because in this time a CNC operator has to write a program.

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